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Our Community Profiles are automatically created FREE upon registration and are customisable. They contain information about our members (Authors) and are used to help members connect and network with each other, privately or within groups. They provide our members with the ability to share information via individual timelines, add friends, send direct messages and create groups.

Community Profiles are not listed on our Elite Directories but are visible on our Members Search and submitted listings.


Community profiles gives members the ability to interact with other registered users.


Our Timeline feature allows members to post updates on their wall to engage interaction with other users.

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You can now add other members as friends and keep up to date with their activities on the website.


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Our Elite Profiles are designed to showcase our members websites and blogs. They will need to be created by members once registered and will be visible automatically under the chosen directory at registration.

Silver Members

Silver Member Profiles – provide basic information about our members blogs and websites such as Blog Name, Bio, Categories, Location Social Media and direct link to blog/website.

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Gold Member Profiles – provide everything a silver profile offers but contain extra features such as custom profile covers, Twitter and Instagram feeds and a Mini Media kit.

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Blogger of the Month Jan 2018

Huge CONGRATULATIONS to Emma B Author at Not Copper Armour for being our Blogger of the Month Jan 2018

Not Copper Amour

To find out more about our Blogger of The Month you can do so by clicking the button below that links to their blog/website

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