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About Us

The Edinburgh Blogger Conference started because Edinburgh is defined as an international city, where small businesses and bloggers don’t yet have an opportunity to connect & network. There is a perceived lack of awarenesses in the power of blogging and there are opportunities for businesses to hugely benefit.We identified that the city holds a high proportion of independent bloggers and small businesses who want to expand and grow as well as gain knowledge and insights into what happens behind the screen. This proposes a huge opportunity as networking provides knowledge exchange, something that bloggers and businesses covet.
The Edinburgh Blogger Conference is therefore distinguished from other events as it aims to connect people from different environments but with similar interests.

Events like no other, unique, fun, and full of surprises

Edinburgh Blogger Conference

This will help business marketing, help bloggers find their niche whilst providing connections, allowing brands to promote and sell their products. There will be potential career opportunities, as well as further promotion and understanding of independent and larger companies.

With the fantastic success of the Edinburgh Blogger Conference on the 17th of June 2017. Bringing all areas and different niches together, we have branched and decided to follow up events throughout the year. With a fantastic fun list all throughout 2018! 

We have now grown our client base and team! 

From networking events, gatherings and workshops. But we bring the fun into these motivational and exciting days! We aren't an ordinary conference/event team! That's for sure!

Meet The Team

  • Jadine Arnold

  • Event Director

  • Kimberley Corani

  • Event Administator

  • Laura Benson

  • Communication Director