Grab Our New Badge

Grab Our Badge
Hello to you all, as you may know there have been some big changes here at PickABlogger (If you don’t know, then don’t worry you can find out more at Another new change we have made is to our badge that as a member (if you are) you may have on your website/blog. Well… unfortunately, the badge you may have might not work anymore BUT don’t worry…..drum roll please… WE HAVE A REPLACEMENT, YAY!


Here It Is...

Here it is…(right) no dramatic change but just tweaked here and there. Sorry for the anti-climax. Also, we now only have the ONE badge, as you remember before we had a Free Member badge too which has now been eliminated as all our members are Elite Members.

Ok enough chit-chat from me, lets give you the instructions and code for this new badge.

The Code:

Copy this code below & Paste it in the section of your website you choose using the tools your website requires.

<div align="left"><a href="" title="PickABlogger Elites" target="_blank"><img src="" alt="PickABlogger Elites" style="border:none;" /></a></div>

Advanced Coding...

Fancy getting a little tekkie? Ok so you have added the badge to your blog but the positioning is not quite right. Not to worry there is a part of the code which can sort this issue out very easily.

All you need to do is locate part of the code with align=”left”> and replace ‘left’ with ‘center‘ to centre the badge OR ‘right‘ to offset the badge to the right. Please not: centre must be spelt the metric way of center or the change WILL NOT work.

Badge URL destination

You may also notice that this badge once clicked points to our website as default. If you would like the badge to point to your actual profile on our directory you can do this also with ease.

For this part locate part of the code with href=”” simply replace the part starting with “http” with the URL of YOUR directory profile listing URL. THATS IT!! If you have not coded before I bet you feel cool now hay?

If you didn’t quite get it to work because of my not so great instructions then please do not worry, just comment below and let me know and I will happily do it for you :).

Ok thats it regarding our new badge. If you have any comments then please as usual feel free to comment below.


Enjoy the rest of your day and will speak to you soon.

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