Whats New? PLUS Giveaway!

A huge hello from us at PickABlogger! It’s been a while but lots has been going on and lots more to come. So whats new you ask?

New Website

So what’s new at PickABlogger? First of all, ‘the name’ we are still continuing with PickABlogger but we now promote our members PickABlogger Elites as now ALL blogger members will be elite members. Along with the new name we have a brand new website Yay! Its brighter, clearer and much more easier to use.

Elite Profiles

We no longer have a free directory…. we know, we know but wait, don’t worry! Like mentioned above everybody that joins us now will have a stylish Elite Profile which has a cleaner look compared to our previous and now includes a Mini Media Kit for all those important details and stats about your blog or brand.

More Features...


Previously our sign up process could be at times a little confusing, as we were told by some of our members, and WE AGREE! So.. guess what? we only went and made it simpler. Now registrations are not only for bloggers and brands but also for blog readers and anybody who wants to join a community of friendly bloggers from around the world.

*Updated* – 07/12/2017

1. CREATE A PERSONAL PROFILE – This Profile is NOT the Elite Profile listed in our directory, this profile gives you the ability to interact with other registered users.

2. TIMELINE – Our Timeline feature allows you to post updates on your wall to engage interaction with other users.

3. ADD FRIENDS – you can now add other members as friends and keep up to date with their activities on the website.

4. MESSAGES – you can also send Direct Messages to other members straight to their inbox and replies back to your personal inbox. You can Favourite (Starred) messages that you for those ones you want to keep hold of.

5. NOTIFICATIONS – You will be notified of any Friend Requests, Comment Replies, Mentions and Admin Notifications.More features coming soon such as Group Creation.

To create your Personal Profile go to dashboard / My Profile / then select / Profile / where you will be able to View, Edit profile information such as About, Website etc.., Change Profile Photo and Cover Image.

PLEASE NOTE: You will still need to create a Elite Profile (if you haven’t done already) to be added to our Elite Directory.

Registration is Free and only now requires an Email address and Password.


Right we have made some major changes to our memberships that will benefit all our members.

  1. You now do not have to be a blogger or brand to register with us, You can register with us through our registration process and use your account to bookmark your favourite bloggers and access them all in one place whenever you choose.

  2. Gone with the Monthly and Annual payments. All members now buy Credits to use to submit posts for promotion. The duration of memberships now depend on the amount of credits each user has in their account. Buying additional credits couldn’t be more easier, with a few clicks of a button you can renew or upgrade your credits to use at a pace that suits you. (View our Membership Plans)

  3. Want your posts to show top of the pile? well Promotional Keys are another addition we have added to our membership. These keys are bought separately and can be used on any submission.


Using our new Search feature is so much smoother than before, much larger display and stylish maps feature and with the added criteria ‘Location’ to narrow down your search that much smaller.

My Account

Ok.. so you’re all signed up, logged in and raring to go, fantastic but what makes it even better is all the member menus are so much better organised then our last user back-end. See we hear your cry’s…

So there it is, the changes so far and for those who already know us will know there will be much more to come.

The Giveaway...

Because we are in such a Great mood here we thought we would do a competition and we all know you love a good old Giveaway.

What Are We Giving Away?

We want to give away a fabulous Bosch Tassimo Multi Beverage Coffee Machine and yes its PINK!! how stylish is that??? it comes with:

  • 3.3 bar pressure.
  • 1300 Watts.
  • 0.7 litre capacity.
  • Measures H. 25.1 x W. 16.9 x D. 31cm.
  • Removable water tank with level indicator.
  • Removable drip tray automatic shut-off.
  • Automatic flow stop.
  • Automatic milk functionality.
  • Includes thermoblock heating.
  • Energy saving functionality.
  • Descaling alert.

A Perfect gift to all you coffee lovers out there… Not a coffee drinker? then how about adding this to your list of Christmas gifts to a loved one, family member or a good friend, whoever is in possession of this will be overjoyed.

For your chance to win this fabulous piece of machinery enter the competition below, follow the instructions and then cross your fingers, we have ours crossed for you.

Good Luck!

(PLEASE NOTE: This Giveaway is eligible to UK RESIDENCE ONLY!)

Bosch Tassimo Multi Beverage Coffee Machine | Giveaway ENDS:
  • 00

  • 00

  • 00

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